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    Nov 1, 2014
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tag v4.0.6
Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
2014-11-01 14:59:21 -0700

Tagging as release v4.0.6


    - Fixed enlarge curable debuffs not working
    - Redid the range check module and spells, now uses interact distance and you can specify an alt spell too
    - Fixed cooldown wheels not being alphaed when using the range checker
    - Redid config a little, range check spells has its own tab and profile config is now on the left menu
    - Updated spellID for Mage Arcane Charges
    - Updated a few of the range checker spells
    - Fixed an error when using a fishing pole temporary enchant
    - Fixed error when unlocking frames as a Shadow Priest
    - Combo points have been moved to the Player unit
    - One more CP related error
    - Fixed a combo points error when using SoulShards/ShadowOrbs/HolyPower/Chi
    - Properly add localcheck.rb to not be packaged
    - Strip out any WoD specific code
    - Redo combo point modules to dynamically create indicators as needed and not rely on the max flag
    - TOC update

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