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    Mar 4, 2013
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.2.0


    - Added incoming absorbs to UFs, shown in front of incoming heals and can be capped like incoming heals
    - Release the temporary variables the mover is disabled to GC
    - Reorganize and slightly optimize the incoming module so it can be used for other incoming type bars
    - Remembered to update the options TOC this time
    - Bars that override visibility (Alt Power) will now register their tags properly
    - Refactored combo points and subset modules (holy power/shadow orbs/soul shards) to reduce duplicate code
    - Refactor aura points to be completely within the combo points system to reduce potential bugs
    - Don't reparent as it seems to break TargetFrame no matter what
    - Set the size/point of the hidden frame so we don't get errors
    - Removed the Clique shiv for menus as it's been fixed in latest Clique
    - Cleanup Blizzard frame hiding - Reparent frames we hide to reduce the chance of them showing because of other peoples incompetence - Use CVars to hide the arena frames while out of combat to reduce the chance of taint issues
    - Added support for Mage's Rune of Power
    - Added assigned role sorting for 5.2
    - Implemented 5.2 menu system, not tested on non-5.1, but you're downloading alpha, so it's your fault if it breaks
    - Add a config flag to hide totem bars if no totems are active
    - Fix the logic used to force the raid frames to update, and also clear the children points before doing it
    - Name the cooldown frames cause Tullers a jerk
    - Don't muck with CRF strata if we aren't hiding it and we are in combat
    - Added Rogue's Anticipation as an Aura Points trackable spell
    - Only cancel auras if you click on an unit that is the player, not type of player (oops)
    - If the compact raid frames aren't hidden, bump the frame strata up on the frame manager (again)

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