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tag v3.7.1
Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
2012-10-09 19:08:01 -0700

Tagging as release 3.7.1


    - Fixed LFD Role indicators not working
    - Missing code that wasn't removed
    - Fix the whisper only indicator for party members
    - Removed redundant hiding code
    - Add a separate has aggro color option
    - Apparnetly Blizzard hasn't fixed up their UNIT_FREQUENT_HEALTH events
    - Fixed an error on hiding buff frames
    - Fix Paladin curable spells
    - Move back to checking dispel types ourselves since Blizzard didn't fix their bug still. Also now handles Symbiosis for Paladins giving Druids Cleanse.
    - Should reposition the incheal bars based off of UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT rather than UNIT_HEALTH
    - Rewrite the positioning code for complex inc heal bars where the health bar has an alpha attached. Will work correctly in all cases now.
    - Inc heal is now enabled by default
    - Visual fix for config
    - Code cleanup
    - Clean up the Blizzard frame hiding code and make sure to hide Focus ToT and Target ToT
    - Rehide Blizzard frames if they are shown while disabled without tainting them. Accounts for poorly done addons that forcibly show frames like VuhDo and HealBot

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