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    Sep 30, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.0.5


    - For consistency, all status bars (burning ember, demonic fury, totems, runes, etc) are now more consistent in how they handle inverting and background colors. You can now also invert the colors for all of those bars. Configuration for widget size has been tweaked and should be easier to use now since there are quite a lot more bar options than at release.
    - Added an aura points option that duplicates combo point setups for auras. Such as Mages Arcane Charge. Disabled by default, and you cannot configure the spells it uses, currently just has Arcane Charge. Post a comment with spell suggestions.
    - Removed method call that didn't exist
    - This should be commented out still
    - Removed a work around for a Blizzard issue from like, 2010
    - Fixed event registration for GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE in indicators and optimized/cleaned it up slightly
    - Removed events from registration that we don't actually use
    - Do a full update of the player frames when a cinematic ends to prevent any weird issues that popup from Blizzard messing with things
    - Fixed group # tag showing up while in a party
    - Drop UNIT_DISPLAYPOWER to do an Update not a visibility update for alt power

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