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    Sep 10, 2012
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tag v3.5.4
Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
2012-09-10 09:00:38 -0700

Tagging as release 3.5.4


    - Make sure powerFilters is set
    - Replace | with || to prevent potential crashes due to a WoW change
    - Try escaping | in tags
    - More performance optimizations, when a bar is hidden for a tag it will stop updating that tag until the bar is shown again - Fixed fontstrings showing up for bars that were hidden
    - Experimenting with a new way of throttling tag updates for power so a mana tag won't trigger an update on a rage tag and so on
    - Switch monk updater to use frequent power updates
    - Fader will fade based on frequent power updates now
    - Fixed power throttle checker
    - Fixed chi throttler
    - Redid the druid power bar, it will no longer flicker on/off when swapping bear <-> cat, but will still hide when you shift back into caster. Should be less annoying now
    - Shift druid bar to frequent updating
    - Experiment with using RegisterUnitEvent again for headers, will now unregister/register with the new unit when it changes for headers. Should improve performance
    - Force a power update immediately after display power changes
    - Only do the power filtering if powerType is set
    - Fixed altPower unregistering events it shouldn't have been
    - Throttle power updating
    - Optimize event unregistering to only check if we need to unregister if a handler is present
    - Switch power events to use the frequent ones for tags
    - Try using UNIT_POWER_FREQUENT instead of OnUpdate
    - Remove debug
    - Make sure CompactRaidFrameManager exists and noop Show not Hide
    - Call ClearAllPoints on header frame children after changing them to fix them getting stuck
    - Only register the power events for alt power when visible
    - Remove the ability to hide the rune bar, and change it to a generic system that hides Eclipse/Shard/Rune/Totme/Paladin/Monk/Priest/Warlock bars

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