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    Jul 7, 2012
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.0.4


    - IsInInstance can now return true but nil, looks like these are mini instances that can be ignored for now for zone handling
    - Fixed divide by zero error in burning embers
    - Added tags for Shadow Orbs, Chi and Demonic Fury
    - Added a special case for Warlock Burning Embers that allows them to override the background color to let them have a distinct color that makes it clear how much is left until full
    - Typo
    - Changed full burning ember to a red to be more distinct
    - Add a giant warning on login if someone logs in with this version of SUF on <5.0.1 as people don't read changelogs
    - Set a better default banked Holy Power color - Fixed an error with Holy Power bars
    - Fixed login errors with holy power and pips
    - Set a more realistic full burning ember color
    - Bump DB revision
    - Added Shadow Orbs
    - Added Burning Embers, Demonic Fury and Soul Shard bars for Warlocks - Added the ability for modules to be registered to a specific spec - Changed Eclipse to only load for Balance Druids
    - Stripped unneeded semi colons - Added Monk Chi support - Fixed a bug with holyPower in global config
    - Fixed a bug with the alpha for Holy Power blocks not being set Updated Holy Power support for MoP, added a banked holy power color setting to configure a special color for pips/blocks that are banked Holy Power
    - Added upgrade for Monk colors
    - Initial for MoP, should solve all startup errors and green border. Any power changes for non-Druid classes are not in yet.

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