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    Oct 25, 2011
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.2.0


    - Dummy commit to force a relocalization package
    - Phase indicators should only be shown for party units, removed the old ones. Also fixed a bug with phase indicators showing inappropriately
    - Missed two variables
    - Remove really really old LibHealComm code in the incheal module
    - Fixed ordering of predicted power setting
    - Flagged Mages as being able to cure Curses
    - Slightly increase the config frame height - Added a 'currently modifying' box above global options to make it explicit what units you will modify when using global config'
    - Small performance improvement, when using predicted health updates, only update on _FREQUENT rather than UNIT_HEALTH as well
    - Added the ability to right click cancel your own auras while out of combat back, since Blizzard loosened their restrictions
    - Some more old code removed
    - Removed some old debug code
    - Removed a lonely comma and replaced it with a period.
    - Fixed color by reaction type on empty bar
    - Fixed raid hiding, actually hides in <= 5 raids, not < 5 raids
    - Added support for ranged temporary enchants (4.3) - Changed stealable support to be based on stealable or purgable depending on class, will use a different border color if it can be removed. This can also be set in Advanced -> Colors -> Stealable or Removable in options (4.3)
    - Power/quick power/alt power now have their own category in the config, the other misc power bars are split off into a class/misc bars category

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