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    Oct 14, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.0.1


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Fix creation of split headers.
    - Ignore commented out files in the .toc
    - Bump the .toc of the options addon
    - Disable canceling of buffs, its no longer possible because Blizzard said so.
    - Fix a logic error in config upgrade code.
    - Added Clique support (click casting, no mouseover-key bindings yet)
    - Properly refresh layout properties on the header when re-loading the layout.
    - Use the new secure initialConfigFunction (not 100%, but frames show up)
    - Fix some more drycode errors.
Chris Heald:
    - Fix drycode errors. Loads, no party/raid frames yet
    - Trying to force CC branch to commit
    - Added red color code around tag errors
    - Removed resurection range checking for now, causing some weird issues on range checking
    - Trying out a tweak to buff hiding, if the buff frames are already hidden by another mode, we won't hide them, if they are not hidden then we will
    - Fixed typo in defaultlayout.lua
    - Initial commit of Cataclysm features, drycoded and most definitely will not work yet Redid combo points so other modules can attach to it Updated all events to use the new UNIT_POWER/UNIT_MAXPOWER as the old events seem to have been deprecated Added Eclipse bar for Druids Added Soul Shard for Warlocks, functions like combo points so you can either show them as little icons or a bar Fixed event registration bug for range fader
    - TOC bump to make sure I swapped branches correctly
    - Fixing a bug when anchoring one aura group to another, and the other group is not shown
    - Added help text if you have an unit override set in zone configuration that 'conflicts' with the global one, so people don't forget about ozone overrides

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