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    Jun 3, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


    - Reverted the aura positioning change, while technically this is invalid, it'll cause less issues with aura positioning until I can work out cleaner updating code
    Fixed cast.lua:387 error, since apparently it didn't commit
    - Fixed cast.lua:383 error
    - Fixed SUF error
    - Removed OnUpdate for boss units if running 3.3.5 (Bug was fixed causing them not to trigger events)
    Fixed a rare startTime error in cast.lua
    Fixed an "Absolutely" type for the [abs:inchea] tag
    - Fixed typo in range.lua
    - Added softMin/softMax for aura rows
    Added (needs more testing) automatic switching to using resurrection spells for range checking when a player is dead, but not a ghost
    Added a hidden option to disable all border coloring for debuffs
    - Fixed the hide omnicc setting showing up without advanced settings on
    - Fixed incoming heals error if health bars are disabled by incoming heals is not
    - On second though, trying another method, now adding 3 to the x and y offsets regardless of settings to try and keep consisency on the offsets
    - Improved the upgrade code for aura offsets
    - Changed packager to pull from latest Ace3 repo to fix softMin/softMax errors
    - Fixing aura offset issues with profiles that have advanced settings disabled
    - Added softMin/softMax support to a few of the sliders, such as size and offsets, allowing you to manually enter larger numbers than the slider allows (For some options only)

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