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    Feb 15, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Wintergrasp is now considered a pvp zone for the purpose of zone configuration
    - Redid showing party in raid, should work correctly when hiding based on zone configuration
    - Tweaked highlight option ordering
    - Removed [unit:scaled:threat] tag, doesn't work how I want it to
    - Added /suf profile <name> for changing profiles
    - Changed to letting Blizzard handle PlayerFrame.unit instead of SUF to reduce taint issues
    - Fixed silly logic error causing [perpp] to break on non-player units
    - Boss units are now enabled by default for new profiles
    - Added self scaling option to auras to change how big it scales, this will need some tweaking still (Self scaling option is advanced only)
    - Fixed power being updated unnecessarily when using frequent updates
    - Fixed health being updated unnecessarily when using frequent updates
    - Changed coloring for uninterruptible casts to purple, yellow is not distinctive enough
    - Fixed range checker not working
    - Added hide in any raid/hide in 6-man raid to faq
    - Fixed separated raid frames colliding when growing groups down and the column they are anchored to has <5 players in it
    - Trying a fix to stop range fading disabling combat fader, combat fader takes priority out of combat, in combat the range fader has priority
    - Fixed config.lua:98 error when creating aura filters
    - Power tags shouldn't show a negative number on last Drak'tharon keep boss
    - Fixed UnitIsAFK errors when using configuration mode
    - Fixed tags not having an env wrapped around them if they loaded due to being a child unit
    - Fixed config mode error when using a custom tag that calls for a specific aura not an index
    - Removed duplicate function call
    - Updated localization scraper
    - Fixed sorting for party not showing when advanced options were enabled

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