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    Dec 17, 2009
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Fixed rune bar coloring not being set on login
    - Always fun when a bug pops up accidentally after you thought you fixed it, moved rune coloring to PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD to fix issues where rune type would randomly not be returned
    - Added fallback in case the rune type is not returned for coloring
    - Changed movers to calculate using uiScale CVar rather than effective scale
    - Switched to checking GetCVar("uiScale") to calculate effective scaling due to changes in when frames load
    - Added warning if an old module loads with OnDefaultsSet
    - Added a call to Tags:Register to force a recache of tags if necessary
    - No sense in calling OnDefaultsSet, when SUF loads defaults were set
    - Zone checks will be queued if the player is in combat, removes the last taint issues if logging in while in combat
    - Removed delayed loading, everything is loaded as soon as ADDON_LOADED for SUF fires, reduces taint issues when logging in-combat
    - Changed the custom tag events system to a generic handler so I can write more complex tags as separate addons
    - Updated option restrictions to look at the modules class restriction rather instead of hardcoding it all in
    - Updated totem bar to also track guardian pet timers for Death Knights, this is labeled as the "Enable guardian bar" next to the rune bar option in /shadowuf
    - Changed incoming heal module, if it doesn't find LHC4 it will silently disable itself, can just delete LibHealComm-4.0/ if you really don't want it
    - Renamed Unit status -> Enabled units
    - Redid child units, will now use suffixes instead of the hack system, should fix all issues with MA/MT targets overlapping and other associated issues
    - No longer removing Set Focus for the raid menu (The one that pops up in the raid frames for MA/MT setting) to prevent taint issues
    - SUF will automatically lock when the player enters combat and displays a message telling them they will need to unlock their frames when combat ends
    - Slight text tweak, zone configuration now lists units as "<unit> frames" rather than "Enable <unit> frames" as the latter was confusing to people with a tri-state check box
    - Fixed default settings, cast bars will use the entire frame width even if portraits are enabled now for all units
    - Reverted auto hiding of Blizzard units, back to the default of setting it in hide blizzard frames

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