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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Dropdown menu changes, set focus, clear focus, lock focus frames, unlock focus frames have been removed. I might add these back in with a disabled message pending what users say
    - Added proper dropdown menus for pet, vehicles and target
    - Hiding of all Blizzard unit frames is now done automatically based on what units are enabled in SUF
    - Boss and arena unit frame are now hidden
    - Added two new tags to mimic one of the XPerl raid type of features, these only work for raids.
    - [unit:raid:targeting], shows how many people are targeting the unit. If you put this on the player frame, it will show how many people are targeting you
    - [unit:raid:assist], shows how many people are assisting the unit. Putting this on the player frame will show how many people are assisting the player.
    - Fixed a few options missing localization keys (oops!)
    - Corrected boss unit description, as it's not just council type of fights but Gunship too
    - Removed 3.3 checks, these were pretty much all just hiding the boss units anyway
    - Tweaked raid frame defaults, power bar height reduced, raid frame height reduced, removed [group] tag and [curpp] tag, now using [missinghp] tag instead
    - [unit:color:sit] and [color:sit] will only return color codes for threat situations 1 or higher, no more gray text if an unit is not close to taking aggro
    - Added [color:aggro] and [unit:color:aggro] returns a red color code when the unit (or the player depending on the tag) have aggro, same as the color:sit tags, but this only returns red on aggro, not orange or yellow.
    - Fixed units.lua:505 error when opening the menu on a boss unit
    - Fixed boss units not updating, apparently they are hack units and don't fire real unit events (???????)
    - Localization update
    - Cleaned up a little bit of the whacky code in highlighting
    - Border highlighting alpha and thickness can now be set
    - Indicators cannot be set to zero size anymore
    - Fixed an error that could happen in units.lua:1066 due to entering an arena with arena pets enabled
    - Boss units should have menus now
    - Fixed getglobal call for party menus
    - Fixed silly mistake causing inaccurate incoming heal numbers if quick health updates were enabled
    - Fixed show party in raid not working unless you reloaded
    - Fixed an error when enabling separate raid frames after normal raid frames were created
    - Updated ruRU localization, thanks StingerSoft!

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