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    Dec 9, 2009
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Added toc version
    - Added default for columnSpacing to prevent a movers.lua:377 error
    - Reverted the move of the unit name map to the config file, breaks too many things to be worthwhile
    - Visibility has been renamed to Zone Configuration, old one was too misleading.
    - Configuration restructured again, this should be a lot easier for new users to use:
    Option panels have descriptions to be clear what each one does
    Hide Blizzard Frames has been moved to it's own option on the left panel rather than being in the general category
    Enabling units is now done through "Unit status" rather than "Units"
    Units has been renamed to Unit configuration and also includes some help text indicating what each tab does and will include frequently looked for options
    Add tags is now an advanced option and hidden by default
    Health coloring has been moved up to be #1 in the Colors tab
    - Moved the check for ShadowedUF_Arena/ to the top of the file so it runs before SUF breaks from it being active
    - Changed static color to light purple to be more distinct
    - Changed static color so it's obvious it's not set to the same as health percent
    - No longer trying to create child units for units without an unitID set (Player shown in party/raid frames)
    - Fixed bug that was causing the totem colors of earth and fire to be flipped

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