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    Dec 7, 2009
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.2.0


    - Units that are enabled in visibility for a specific zone, but are disabled everywhere else will now show up in the configuration list... for configuring!
    - Fixed error on login for line #20 (Ticket #7)
    - Added AceTimer-3.0 for when I move a lot of timers to it for performance
    - For koKR, ruRU, zhCN, zhTW localizations, the font name will be switched to the default SML to stop the text from showing "?"
    - Added OptionalDeps for disembedded libraries
    - Fixed XP bar on line 90 and 99 when it was enabled for the pet
    - Player's right click menu will show up even while the player is inside a vehicle
    - Switched back to pulling SharedMediaWidgets from SVN
    - Raid frames can now be split into frames for each group as well as the one group for all method, can be changed in /suf -> Units -> Raid -> Raid, keep in mind that this will not let you move each frame individually, they still obey column spacing/growth options
    - Small code refactoring
    - Fixed some frames not being hidden while the movers were shown
    - Updated movers to support separated raid frames
    - Redid the positioning code for movers again, hopefully it will produce something a bit better for header frame positionings now
    - Removed LibHealComm-4.0 upgrade warnings
    - Runes are now ordered as BBUUFF as per standard Blizzard UI
    - Fixed aura filtering only being updated OnEnable rather than OnLayoutApplied
    - Updated configuration to handle separated raid frame option
    Fixed bugs related to show player in party and show party in raid options requiring a reload to take effect
    - Flagged PLAYER_TARGET_UPDATE as a unitless event
    - Range detection is disabled while the unit is offline
    - Offline color is now pulled from the healthColors.offline variable rather then hardcoded
    - Changed the visibility helps a bit, they should be more visible (ironic?) now so people do not mistake what the option is for
    - API update due to XP changes
    - Units Text renamed to Text/Tags, Hide Buff frames and Hide Cast Bars renamed to hide Player buff frames and Hide Player Cast Bars since reading is hard.
    - Improved XP bar, if you are able to earn XP and are tracking a reputation then the XP bar and reputation bar will show, otherwise it will show the reputation bar or xp bar. No option changes necessary.
    - Fixed typo in party pet/target wrapping that caused an error
    - Disabling a parent unit disable its child units now as well
    - Fixed consistency in letter casing for unit names
    - Fixed leaked global
    - Fixed the help for enabling unis being below the unit group (oops)
    - Fixed configuration not loading

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