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Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Sat Nov 28 00:37:17 2009 -0800
- I'm stupid, fixed an issue with parties and raids not showing up correctly

Date:   Fri Nov 27 13:36:03 2009 -0800
- More debug info added
- Updated debug code to also dump the combat queue
- TOC Update

Date:   Thu Nov 26 09:22:21 2009 -0800
- Fixed quick health and power updates not updating tags

Date:   Tue Nov 24 08:08:18 2009 -0800
- Fixed an error in indicators.lua:267 when zoning

Date:   Mon Nov 23 23:03:23 2009 -0800
- Added support for no border on auras
- Changed frame list to a hash table, should fix frames not appearing in the frame list and breaking party pets/targets on rare occassions
- Fixed typo in title
- Added "None" option to Aura border style
- Added Bar Spacing (Advanced only) option, lets you adjust spacing between each bar
- Localization update

Date:   Wed Nov 18 21:46:13 2009 -0800
- Trying a fix for party pets disappearing, they are flagged as a vehicle if [target=%s, nohelp, noharm] is true, otherwise they are flagged as a pet
- Added [unit:situation], [unit:color:sit] and [unit:scaled:threat], works the same as the [situation], [color:sit], [scaled:threat] tags, but are for the unit it's attached to rather than the player themselves. Cannot be used on Target of Target/Target of Target of Target/Focus Target/Pet target
- Added [incheal:name] shows the units name if there is no healing incoming on the unit, otherwise shows the absolute incoming health
- [pvp:time] can no longer be set for any unit besides the player
- Split the player threat tags into a new tag category called "Player threat" the new threat tags are in the old "Threat" category
- 3.3 detection is now based off of TOC rather than build as Blizzard updated TOc on PTR
- Fixed a bug causing "Highlight target/focus" to only work if "Highlight mouseover" was enabled for at least one unit
- Fixed coloring tables being created every single time for each unit using mouseover or target/focus highlighting
- Localization update
- Tag configuration now supports hiding tags that cannot be used for certain units
- Fixed typo in [smart:curmaxhp] and [smart:curmaxpp] referring to the wrong tag name
- Fixed [smart:curmaxhp] and [smart:curmaxpp] description typo, should format numbers above 1 million, but not anything below

Date:   Thu Nov 12 20:30:08 2009 -0800
- Fixed highlight using red color instead of aggro color for threat highlighting
- Fixed range checker defaulting to 100% alpha instead of in range alpha if it failed to check range
- TOC update

Date:   Tue Nov 10 13:45:34 2009 -0800
- Cooldown wheel will go above the aura border again

Date:   Mon Nov 9 10:34:54 2009 -0800
- Library update
- Localization update
- Added "Show cast rank" (Advanced option) to Cast Bar settings, let's you turn the cast rank off in the cast bar
- Changed afk:time, afk, status:time, pvp:time to update every 1 second rather than every 5

Date:   Tue Nov 3 23:11:29 2009 -0800
- Combat fader will now fade back in when the player is casting a spell