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Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Nov 3 23:11:29 2009 -0800
- Combat fader will now fade back in when the player is casting a spell
- Localization update
- Updated LibHealcomm to 1.5.3
- Added [hp:color] tag, returns a color code of the units health left, works the same as color bar by health, but in color code form
- Changed [abs:incheal] to be rounded, no more decimal incoming heal values
- Always registering for threat updates now, too annoying to try and figure out what's going wrong with the other version
- Moved code around to support the new [hp:color] tag
- Added option to disable cooldown rings completely, not exposing it yet

Date:   Mon Oct 26 08:33:45 2009 -0700
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0

Date:   Sun Oct 25 13:13:00 2009 -0700
- Removed duplicate check for creating child units

Date:   Sat Oct 24 20:40:49 2009 -0700
- Fixed "Hide in 5-man raid option" now hides when there are 6 or more people in a raid rather than 5 or more
- Fixed typo in "Hide in 5-man raid" option for party frames, it's supposed to hide party frames in a raid with more than 5 people (as description indicates)
- Localization update
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0 to 1.5.2

Date:   Thu Oct 22 11:51:15 2009 -0700
- Fixed UpdateThreat not resetting the hasPercent flag, might fix the delay in threat update

Date:   Tue Oct 20 18:02:42 2009 -0700
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0 and LibWrapperHealComm-1.0
- Removed another incoming heal reference
- Library update
- Changed incoming heal bar to be hidden as soon as the heal changes instead of delaying it until next health update

Date:   Mon Oct 19 07:18:51 2009 -0700
- Added UnregisterUpdateFunc
- Fixed aggro updates being registered for units that did not need it

Date:   Fri Oct 16 22:26:31 2009 -0700
- Registered UpdateThreat to be called when the frame does a full update, should fix aggro warnings become stuck for targets sometimes
- Fixed temporary enchants not being updated when refreshed before they end
- Changed power API calls to check <= 0 rather then == 0 before displaying a number, should fix -longnumbehere when doing the Drak'Tharon Keep last boss
- Fixed a bug in [smart:curmaxpp] causing it to not update correctly
Merge: 2b67262 a5e537b

Date:   Thu Oct 15 16:58:55 2009 -0700
Merge branch 'master' of git@github.com:Shadowed/ShadowedUnitFrames

Date:   Tue Oct 13 18:45:15 2009 -0700
- Localizaiton update (Thanks wowui.cn!)
Once more with more feeling!
- Once more with feeling
Reverted before playing with wowace repo

Date:   Mon Oct 12 20:34:38 2009 -0700
- Fixed indicators changing everytime an option was changed when using mover frames
- Fixed leader frame being recreated everytime OnEnable is called (Oops!)
- Moved aura examples to the auras file rather then the movers