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Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Oct 4 09:28:32 2009 -0700
- LibHealComm-4.0 update

Date:   Sat Oct 3 15:15:24 2009 -0700
- Default changes: Reduced rows for party/player/target to 10 auras per row, moved role to the same row as leader/master looter for party and player, added group number to main tank and main assist text, removed level from ma, mt, matot, mttot, tweaked happiness position
- Fixed an error when modifying indicators with raid frames enabled while frames are unlocked
- Fixed main assist targets not being restricted to main assist for manual positions

Date:   Fri Oct 2 22:36:50 2009 -0700
- Reduced incoming heal band to 3 seconds when the player is not casting
- When players go outside of visible range with a 3D portrait, they will swap to 2D version until they go within range
- Party members will swap between 2D and 3D portraits faster
- Fixed unitGUID not being set before FullUpdate is called
- Reverted to using unitGUID variable instead of UnitGUID function call
- Fixed incoming heal bar being stuck or slow to update on target changing
- Library update
- Changed updates of party and raid frames to always do full updates on firing, it's fast enough to not be a performance issue (hopefully) and will prevent stuck offline and class color bugouts

Date:   Wed Sep 30 17:52:40 2009 -0700
- Fixed a "blah is not in your party" error when the role indicator was on

Date:   Tue Sep 29 20:26:32 2009 -0700
- Fixed a case where combat indicators were not disabled on a layout reload
- Indicators are now shown in the dummy mover frames
- When the mover frames are visible, their parent frames are hidden to avoid confusion now that it shows auras and indicators
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0
- Added option to anchor an aura group to another to mimick the default UIs style, option can be found under /suf -> Units -> <unit> -> Auras, "Anchor to <buffs/debuffs>"
- Fixed size options not disabling when the anchor itself was disabled
- Localization update

Date:   Mon Sep 28 19:46:31 2009 -0700
- TOC note is need of a changing!
- Mages now use Fireball (or maybe it's blast, whatever the 35 yard one is) for range detection rather then Frostfire Bolt
- Removed the spell auto complete box for the time being while I sort out why it crashes

Date:   Sun Sep 27 19:40:54 2009 -0700
- Added [short:druiform] shows a single letter abbreviation of the units shapeshift form
- Added [druidform] shows full form name "Cat", "Bear", "Travel", "Flight", etc
- Added [guild] shows the units guild name, if any
- Fixed debuff highlighting being applied to enemies, should only highlight for friends
- Fixed error with debug code
- Enabled combat fader for focus and focus target
- Combat indicators are now disabled by default for all units except the player
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0
- Updated to stable tag of LibHealComm-4.0

Date:   Sat Sep 26 15:38:36 2009 -0700
- Fixed a bug causing units to be frozen as offline until they took damage

Date:   Thu Sep 24 10:53:53 2009 -0700
- Fixed an error in indicators.lua:67
- Updated koKR (Thanks Bluenyx!)