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  • 3.2.0


Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Sep 27 02:24:21 2009 -0700
- Updated to stable tag of LibHealComm-4.0

Date:   Sat Sep 26 15:38:36 2009 -0700
- Fixed a bug causing units to be frozen as offline until they took damage

Date:   Thu Sep 24 10:53:53 2009 -0700
- Fixed an error in indicators.lua:67
- Updated koKR (Thanks Bluenyx!)

Date:   Wed Sep 23 23:39:23 2009 -0700
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0
- Changed indicators to a tree view to make it easier to use
- Improved wording of a few descriptions
- Localization update
- Added combat indicators for party, raid, target, and focus in addition to player
- Fixed "blah is not in your party" errors related to a Blizzard API change in 3.2.2
- Role indicator is now size 16 rather than 20 (Slimmed down pretty quickly!)
- Swapped back to only registering threat if it's necessary
- Fixed class coloring becoming stuck on green for party and raid members
- Updated debug code for party pet tracking down
- LibHealComm-4.0 update

Date:   Mon Sep 21 19:04:52 2009 -0700
- Fixed a bug where the mover frames would show if you unlocked frames, then locked and changed an option
- Updated to support raid role for indicators, shows either the main tank (shield icon) or main assist (sword-thingy) if an unit is assigned a role
- Updated to use new HealComm_GUIDDisappeared event
- Updated with default settings for raid role
- Updated to support raid role indicator
- Localization update

Date:   Sun Sep 20 10:17:09 2009 -0700
- Changed debug code around to narrow down the problem on party pets/targets
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0 and LibWrapperHealComm-1.0

Date:   Fri Sep 18 10:24:08 2009 -0700
- Updated LHC4

Date:   Thu Sep 17 20:58:18 2009 -0700
- General library update
- Fixed incoming heals not working for party pets that were resummoned
- Fixed incoming heals becoming stuck if the player or someone else leaves a group

Date:   Tue Sep 15 20:55:04 2009 -0700
- Fixed color by health being on a new row in the configuration
- Fixed a bug when changing a frames style with a raid/party/ma/mt frame enabled and movers shown
- General code clean up
- Fixed multple combat queue tables being created for child units created in combat
- General code cleaning

Date:   Mon Sep 14 18:32:56 2009 -0700
- Updated LibHealComm-4.0
- Fixed bugs causing only raid, main tank or main assist to show up at any time. Also fixes bugs where the frames would get stuck on each other
- Fixed sizing bug of main tank/main assist frames
- Fixed single frames being created multiple timse