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    Aug 8, 2009
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  • 3.2.0


Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Sat Aug 8 14:28:33 2009 -0700
- Added a temporary fix for frame hit box when using no border
- Fixed an error with people joining groups while in combat
- Fixed label and separator not being created when adding new text
- Fixed error about Aura_EditBox dialog control not existing
- Fixed visibility help being flagged to hide while advanced settings are on
- Updated LibHealComm-3.0 for new 3.2 data
- General code cleanup
- Fixed data failure check for vehicles, if it takes longer than 3 seconds to get data than the unit is forced back to the units normal information
- Fixed bugs in the party and raid frames with kicking people who were inside vehicles
- Fixed an error with concating a nil value when player is shown in party and you do toggling between show party as raid
- Fixed non-raid units watching RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE
- Fixed a function being created per one unit frame (Oops)
- Predicted health updates are now enabled for the player by default
- Upgrade code updates
- Updated so XP being enabled/disabled is registered for both player and pet
- Fixed UNIT_LEVEL not being registered for pets (After all, once they level we can disable it)
- Removed unnecessary unit or unitOwner in a few tags
- Fixed [cpoints] to use players combo points on target or on self (Duplicates combo point module functionality)
- Fixed [faction] using unit, supposed to use unitOwner
- Fixed Death Grip not being used to detect hostile range for Death Knights
- No longer creating both portrait model and texture, only creating whats needed
- Cleaned up layout code a bit, removed a few unnecessary tables
- Removed auto portrait alignment as it's unnecessary
- Fixed aggro indicator for health, no longer registers the event unless it's actually needed and no longer unnecessarily updates the aggro coloring
- Fixed fader trying to fade in/out even if it was already at the fade state
- Updated default layout
- Fixed a rare bug where ghost cast bars would appear

Date:   Fri Aug 7 21:39:05 2009 -0700
- Updated so RegisterModule supports class restrictions on modules
- Updated to use the new class restriction tag for modules
- These single line changes kill me, fixed an aura error when buffs are debuffs are on two different anchor points
- Fixed an error when using the health colors option for the first time on a fresh layout
- Added a description for locked frames option
- Added a nil for the disable ring option
- Localization update
- Added an Unlink Frames button that will remove any frames anchored to another one and force them to anchor to the UIParent, useful if you don't care about the preset positioning at all
- Updated default layout to use the light border
- Stealable buff coloring for borders will work now, turns out doing the check only if it's a debuff doesn't work out too well!
- Fixed pet happiness not updating when the pet health bar is colored by reaction
- To be on the safe side, added another check to make sure empty bars get set
- Tweaked positioning of General tabs to make "Hide Blizzard Frames" a little more obvious
- Added temporary enchant options for player, /suf -> Units -> Player -> Auras
- Renamed Buff icons -> Buff frames for hiding blizzard frames
- Updated "Color by Reaction" to be renamed to "Color by Happiness" for pets (Was in for a while but forgot to expose it)