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    Aug 7, 2009
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  • 3.2.0


Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Aug 7 16:53:25 2009 -0700
- Fixed an error when using the health colors option for the first time on a fresh layout
- Added a description for locked frames option
- Added a nil for the disable ring option
- Localization update
- Added an Unlink Frames button that will remove any frames anchored to another one and force them to anchor to the UIParent, useful if you don't care about the preset positioning at all
- Updated default layout to use the light border
- Stealable buff coloring for borders will work now, turns out doing the check only if it's a debuff doesn't work out too well!
- Fixed pet happiness not updating when the pet health bar is colored by reaction
- To be on the safe side, added another check to make sure empty bars get set
- Tweaked positioning of General tabs to make "Hide Blizzard Frames" a little more obvious
- Added temporary enchant options for player, /suf -> Units -> Player -> Auras
- Renamed Buff icons -> Buff frames for hiding blizzard frames
- Updated "Color by Reaction" to be renamed to "Color by Happiness" for pets (Was in for a while but forgot to expose it)
- Fixed a silly error causing the empty bar to be reset every time
- Removed cooldown ring for the time being, going to see if it's more requested on second though
- Definitely a good idea to remove debug code
- Fixed a stupid typo causing only party targets or party pets to work not both
- Added temporary enchant support
- Library update

Date:   Thu Aug 6 19:08:46 2009 -0700
- Localization update
- Added [situation] returns Aggro/High/Medium based on the players situation with their target
- Added [color:sit] returns Red/Orange/Yellow color codes based off the players situation with their target
- Added [scaled:threat] returns scaled (0 - 100%) threat percentage of the player with their target
- Added [general:sit] same as [situation] but for all units the player is on the aggro list with
- Added [color:gensit] same as [color:sit] but for all units the player is on the aggro list with
- Updated event detector to include threat API's
- Fixed upgrade code causing empty bars to fail for units besides the player
- Changed stealable color to orange as it's more noticeable
- Changed aura border to go on top of cooldown ring
- Changed aura border so you can set a light border or dark border, the light one makes it easier to see debuff types
- Added [status:time] shows how long an unit has been offline
- Changed [afk:time] to hide AFK or DND timers if the unit is offline
- Grammar corrections to some tag helps
- Added hide cooldown ring (Advanced option)
- Changed tag texts to hide when their parent is disabled
- Texture update, game restart required
- Updated upgrade code for new dark/light borders
- Library update
- Updated with Druid and Empty bar options
- Added static color option
- Renamed Hide Blizzard -> Hide Blizzard Frames
- Removed advanced flag on nag table for text
- Updated text management to protect texts 1 - 5 from deletion
- Updated text management to use a slightly cleaner UI
- Updated a few options that were missing descriptions
- Flagged unattackable enemies, interrupted and finished colors as advanced options
- Fixed an error when adding new texts with a parent thats not active yet
- Library update