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  • 3.2.0


Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Aug 6 10:38:39 2009 -0700
- Changed stealable color to orange as it's more noticeable
- Changed aura border to go on top of cooldown ring
- Changed aura border so you can set a light border or dark border, the light one makes it easier to see debuff types
- Added [status:time] shows how long an unit has been offline
- Changed [afk:time] to hide AFK or DND timers if the unit is offline
- Grammar corrections to some tag helps
- Added hide cooldown ring (Advanced option)
- Changed tag texts to hide when their parent is disabled
- Texture update, game restart required
- Updated upgrade code for new dark/light borders
- Localization update
- Library update
- Updated with Druid and Empty bar options
- Added static color option
- Renamed Hide Blizzard -> Hide Blizzard Frames
- Removed advanced flag on nag table for text
- Updated text management to protect texts 1 - 5 from deletion
- Updated text management to use a slightly cleaner UI
- Updated a few options that were missing descriptions
- Flagged unattackable enemies, interrupted and finished colors as advanced options
- Fixed an error when adding new texts with a parent thats not active yet
- Library update
- Changed spaces, because changing spaces is very important to the code
- Moved aggro coloring to hostile instead of red (makes more sense anyway)
- Added an empty bar module (/suf -> Units -> <unit> -> Bar s-> Empty Bar
- Added Druid mana bar module
- Increases empty bar height for upgrade code
- Localization updte
- Updated default layout, new 5th text will use whatever the targets first text name was set to
- More upgrade code
- TOC Update for empty bar and druid bar

Date:   Wed Aug 5 23:35:08 2009 -0700
- On second thought, removed stack size option
- Updated defaults support the new emptyBar and druidBar modules
- Moved the health bar static option to use a new static color instead of relying on green (Easier to understand this way)
- Increased frame strata on mover frames so they are less likely to be put behind another frame
* Updated aura size option to not be disabled when buffs and debuffs share the same anchor point, as you can set two separate sizes

Date:   Tue Aug 4 20:17:49 2009 -0700
* Hmm github dying?
* Added an option that I'm not exposing yet to change stack size font
* Upgrade code
* Fixed another bug with the stupid interruptible cast info at line #384
* Forgot to comment out the tag verifier
* Fixed frames snapping to the right side of the screen when dragging
* Updated zhCN localization (Thanks wowui.cn