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Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Aug 4 20:17:49 2009 -0700
* Hmm github dying?
* Added an option that I'm not exposing yet to change stack size font
* Upgrade code
* Fixed another bug with the stupid interruptible cast info at line #384
* Forgot to comment out the tag verifier
* Fixed frames snapping to the right side of the screen when dragging
* Updated zhCN localization (Thanks wowui.cn

Date:   Mon Aug 3 23:50:03 2009 -0700
* Redid the child code again, should be a lot more reliable and less bug pron than the last version (For sure this time!)
* Fixed party members being stuck as vehicles if someone leaves a group in a vehicle
* Fixed party disabled flag not being noticed all the time
* Fixed profile changes reloading units that were disabled
* Fixed profile changes not reloading child units as well
* Fixed movers not being enabled correctly if you have a child mover enabled, reset the profile with it disabled then reenable them
* On second thought, shouldn't reset x/y offsets when anchor point changes, only where it's anchored
* Localization update
* Thanks Blueynx of Aegwynn Horde for the updated koKR localization
* Make sure text is set before upgrading it
* Changed heal detection code around so it should be more reliable in general
* Updated for tags to take advantage of English names
* Updated tag editor to allow tag names to be set
* Updated DB upgrade code
* Updated default layout to use [(()afk() )] instead of [afk( )] due to changes in the tag
* Fixed tags with a colon or any other character not working with prefix/suffix options
* Fixed [server] not having a category
* Removed the parenthesis from the [afk] tag, they should be done manually using [(()afk() )] if people want them
* Added ShadowUF:FormatShortTime(seconds) returns %dh/%dm/%s depending on time
* Added English names for tags rather than the actual tag name
* Added [afk:time] shows how long a unit has been afk or dnd
* Added [pvp:time] shows how long until the players pvp flag drops
* Removed is 30200 check
* TOC bump to 30200
* Updated koKR localization (Thanks mysterious person who's name I haven't gotten yet for credit)
* Updated zhCN localization (Thanks wowui.cn
* Removed the 30200 check for hiding the uninterruptible option
* Changed offset reset for positioning to be when any anchor point or anchor to changes instead of only when there is no manual point/relativePoint set
* Added checks for movedAnchor as it will also work like anchorPoint as far as the user is concerned
* Removed the 30200 check for hiding XP
* Removed the 30200 check for levelcolor tag
* Fixed variable typo in incoming heal
* Fixed incoming heal bar not being hidden if incoming heal was disabled (Obscure bug, but a bug nonetheless!)
* Trying a small fix to hiding the incoming heals bar, it might solve the issue with the bar becoming stuck on, might not
* Fixed party frames being anchored to the bottom left (??? no idea) by default, changed it to top left/top left
* Cleaned up the anchoring code a bit, if you try and drag a frame that was anchored with a template it will attempt to preserve that anchoring should fix some issues with dragging header frames

Date:   Sat Aug 1 23:44:34 2009 -0700
* Fixed portrait width not being flagged as a percentage
* Fixed totem bar size being messed up due to not listening to scale