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Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 29 10:05:06 2009 -0700
* Clarified that party pets and party targets do not work while the party is being shown inside the raid
* Localization update
* Fixed dropdown menu not working if show party as raid is enabled or the unit was inside a vehicle
* Fixed party units not registering PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED if they are shown in a raid
* Added AceGUI-3.0-Spell-EditBox widget to make it a little easier to add auras
* Updated the visibility option to be a little more descriptive

Date:   Tue Jul 28 13:58:33 2009 -0700
* Added support for globally setting a background color
* Added ability to change which aura border to use (Default Blizzard/Default SUF
* Updated health, power and cast bar to support color overrides
* Added bar background option to globally set background color for bars, exposed the background alpha setting as well (advanced)
* Added an option to toggle aura border globally (advanced)
* Localization update
* Added upgrade check for auras
* Enabled the spell editbox again
* Removed the spell editbox while I move it into an actual library
* Quick push of the spell edit box so I can bug people
* Added the ability to restrict what aura types are filtered
* Adding auras, changing aura filter type, changing filters etc will also reload auras
* Added configuration in for changing aura filter types
* Added a global setting that will apply a filter for all zone types
* Added upgrading for the filter by aura types

Date:   Mon Jul 27 14:51:37 2009 -0700
* Updated HealComm to fix the upgrade path error
* Added aura filtering
* Added an aura filter update on zone change, works the same way everything else does
* Implemented the reloading of auras when a filter changes
* Implemented all of the aura configuration, next up actually make it work
* Added a quick check to not update an indicator if it's invalid and has no size set.

Date:   Sun Jul 26 02:16:20 2009 -0700
* Updated to show highlight options for *target units
* Fixed incoming heal being able to be set for *target units through global settings
* Implemented most of the configuration needed for aura filtering
* Enabled highlighting for all units, but disabled highlight on aggro for any *target unit
* Added database structure for filtering
* Localization update
* Exposed unitEvents table
* Fixed level tag not updating
* Fixed PLAYER_FLAGS_CHANGED being flagged as a unitless event
* Changed event detection so that it will fall back on a normal event instead of an unit event as the former while a little less efficient is safer in case of typos

Date:   Sat Jul 25 02:40:06 2009 -0700
* Oops need to remove that debug code
* Fixed slash command using SSUF instead of SUF