Cannot add items to any(!) list #61

  • Paragalla created this issue Oct 22, 2017

    When i try to add a item to sellomatic this warning shows in the chat



     L["The item must be in your inventory"] = "Der Gegenstand muss in deiner Tasche sein"


    althouth it IS in may Bad ... mouseover and pressing ALT and i get this error message



    Can u help me with this ?



  • Paragalla edited description Oct 28, 2017
  • Paragalla edited description Feb 11, 2018
  • Paragalla posted a comment Jun 1, 2018

    Finally found the AddOn witch couses the problem ...




    too bad that i cannoz use both at once now

  • Paragalla posted a comment Jun 1, 2018

    ok .. tried out some different settings in TinyToolTip and now both addons can be used together ....

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