Feature Request: Automatic Save List for Set Items #16

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  • KOVIKO created this issue Aug 29, 2011

    I would like to see an automatic save list generated or simulated from equipment sets. In order to switch between equipment sets, you need to hold all of the items in your inventory. However, this means that you have to keep updating this addon's save list to include new items and remove old items. It's safe to assume that items saved into an equipment set are not meant to be automatically sold. This could be implemented as a feature of save lists or as a separate module to allow the user to decide whether or not they want this feature.

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  • _ForgeUser205892 posted a comment Aug 30, 2011

    So if I understand well, the idea is to equip yourself, hit a button or do something and make your equiped gear into the save list? Or do you wanna interact with WoW's item set management? Don't know if this last thing is possible, but I could look for it.

    This thing is usefull if you sell lots of items of the same quality as the one's equiped (epic in 85). Is it possible to farm instances as you can have the urge of just selling automatically that sell a couple of items by hand? Also you have the item options with the iLevel to be able to sell lower epic quality items.

    If you could please explain why you want this change and what could be used for so I can understand it better I would be gratefull.

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  • KOVIKO posted a comment Aug 30, 2011

    I use an addon called Genie which is used for automatically sorting items in my inventory. It is set up so that, whenever WoW's equipment sets (managed from the Character pane) are updated, it updates it's "ignore list," a list of items that won't be considered during sorting. So, if I have an equipment set named "PvE" and I switch my staff, the ignore list will remove the old staff and add the new staff without me having to do anything. So, it is possible.

    While my current solution is to prevent the sale of epics, it takes away from the purpose of Sell-O-Matic: to help me automatically sell items I no longer need. I get epics that I don't need all of the time when doing heroics. Not to mention that this solution wouldn't work for leveling characters since they are likely not in epics.

    My idea is for all items saved in WoW's equipment sets to be protected from automatic sale. The worth of this feature may likely increase after 4.3 is completely implemented and the amounts of low-level equipment being worn increases. I know I, personally, plan to have multiple sets of Transmogged appearances.

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  • _ForgeUser205892 posted a comment Aug 30, 2011

    Now I see...

    Maybe I can add a module that scans for WoW's Equipment Sets and clears them from the sell list. This way the value will always be the same as the client and there's no need to rescan, delete or add a bulk of items to the save list.

    Will keep this on mind for next update.

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