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    Nov 29, 2010
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  • 4.0.3a


tag 1.42-beta3
Mange <>
2010-11-29 14:10:12 +0100



    - Some fixes to the Al'Akir mod.
    - DataBroker display name change to Raid Watch instead of RW
    - Remove duplicate LibStub and CallbackHandler.
    - Added Acid Raid warnings to Al'Akir mod.
    - Added missing CastTimer prototype.
    - Added some more warnings so Al'Akir.
    - Remove ignore on RaidWatch_BWD in pkgmeta.
    - Move RaidWatch_BWD when packaging.
    - Added very basic warnings for Nefarian.
    - Added Atramedes warnings.
    - Added basic Magmaw warnings.
    - Added Maloriak warnings.
    - Properly move BoT folder.
    - Properly move BoT folder.
    - Fix missing label description in detailed options per spell.
    - Added Cho'gall warnings.
    - Added warnings for Ascendant Council.
    - Include Bastion of Twilight in the package.
    - Option layout.
    - Added Valiona and Theralion warnings.
    - Fixed missing warning sounds for "OnYou" warnings.
    - Added Halfus Wyrmbreaker warnings.
    - Added Argaloth warnings.
    - Prevent infinite loops when doing layout for options.
    - Timers that have shorter duration then the duration for their anchor should not start almost filled anymore.
    - Fixed so that auto response messages are not sent to people you are in the same group as when you receive BN whispers from them.
    - Fixed error when changing font settings for window titles.
    - Switch out dropdowns to new grid select for anchor points for all plugins.
    - Potential fix for layout problems in scroll frames for all options that have tab or dropdown sub-groups.
    - Added options + timer for fastest kill. Timer shows up when engaging a boss if the option is turned on. Option is found Options->Plugins.
    - Use new StatusbarSelect widget.
    - - Switch all font settings to use the new font settings widget.
    - Remove some debug prints.
    - Fixed a bug that made default sound for warnings not working.
    - - Set Anchor height to 0 when hidden for most plugins.
    - Fixed separators in boss mod list.
    - Added options for border to the Controler plugin.
    - Added option for background color for the RangeCheck plugin.
    - Options window no longer moves back to the center of the screen every time any plugin is move by mouse.
    - Warning Frame should not have 1 as default font size.
    - Removed unused settings from the Controller options.

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