Vashj'ir subzones not appearing in zone selection box #113

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  • EduardoRGC created this issue Feb 6, 2018

    Used addon version is v1.5.7a.


    When trying to create a route in any of Vashj'ir subzones, for example Abyssal Depths, the zone is not authomatically selected and it does not appear in the zone dropdown, only appears Vashj'ir as an option.


    When at Abyssal Depths it is possible to create an empty route in Vashj'ir zone, it appears on the Vashj'ir map, not in Abyssal Depths map.


    I have installed the "standard" addon and the no-lib version, installing the needed libraries on addons folder, with the same behavior ingame of Routes addon.


    On every "test install" of Routes I have cleared Routes variables (deleting routes.lua and routes.lua.bak).


    The data source I'm using is Gathermate2 and Gathermate2_Data. GatherMate2 addon allows me to operate with Vashj'ir subzones when in GatherMate2 options.


    Forgot to add the language, Spanish from Spain (code "esEs" I think).


    Thanks a lot for such a great addon.

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  • Nevcairiel posted a comment Jul 19, 2018

    This should be fixed in the BfA version of Routes.

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