Recount causing major lag on logout #936

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  • _ForgeUser12970873 created this issue Jan 7, 2014

    Ever since the end of WoTLK (and everytime after it), Recount has caused me a major lag during logout. Clearing data does not matter, nor reinstalling it. I have google'd this issue all around, but can't find other users with same issue.

    I've tried to;
    - delete cache folder
    - remove all other addons
    - always update recount (using latest version atm)
    - reinstall WoW and use recount only

    Depending how long I've been using recount, the longer I have - the longer logout lag takes (up to one min average). This is becoming a bit frustrating. Also, it affects per character only, so characters not running dungeons is not affected by it.

    If you guys have any idea on how to fix it, or got any tips on how to resolve, I'd appreciate it.

  • _ForgeUser12970873 added the tags New Defect Jan 7, 2014
  • Resike posted a comment Jul 29, 2014
    1. Log out of game, and close the launcher.
    2. Make a backup of: "WOWINSTALL/Wtf/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/Recount.lua", then delete the file.
    3. Try to log in/out now.

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