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Assigned to _ForgeUser57836
  • _ForgeUser2718729 created this issue Feb 6, 2013

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    Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0

    Installed Version

    v5.1.0b release


    have recount addon but does not show on screen during game play and will not let me toggle or anything i can think of would like to know how to fix my email if needed is

    Installed Addons

    DBM-Interrupts - DBM-Interrupts 5.1.0 DBM-RaidTools (Deadly Boss Mods) - DBM-RaidLeadTools-v4-r112 DBM-SpellTimers (Deadly Boss Mods) - DBM-SpellTimers r84 DBM-VictorySound - DBM-VictorySound 1.9 Deadly Boss Mods - 5.1.0 Deadly Boss Mods - Burning Crusade and Vanilla mods - Vanilla and BC Mods r420 HealBot Continued - PallyPower - v5.0.7 Recount - v5.1.0b release

  • _ForgeUser2718729 added the tags New Defect Feb 6, 2013

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