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Assigned to _ForgeUser57836
  • _ForgeUser2065321 created this issue Dec 26, 2009
    Submitted Via Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0 Installed Version v3.3g release Description it isnt work in 3.3.0 Installed Addons !BugGrabber - r149 Addon Control Panel - 3.3.0 Atlasloot Enhanced - v5.09.02 Bartender4 - 4.4.2 BugSack - r219 ButtonFacade - 3.3.301 ButtonFacade: Caith - 3.3.57 CDP_Mage - 1.01 Chatter - v1.1.1 CurseProfiler 2.0 - v47 Deadly Boss Mods - Deadly Boss Mods 4.34-r2779 Decursive - DrDamage - 1.7.2_release Group Calendar 4 - 4.6.1 kgPanels - v1.34 Mage Fever - Mage Fever 2.1.3 MageAlert - v1.2 MageAnnounce - 1.2.2 MailGet - MailGet 1.0 MasterLoot - r38-release MikScrollingBattleText - v5.4.74 Omen Threat Meter - v3.0.9 OmniCC - 2.5.8 OmniCC Shine - 1.1.2 Proximo - v2.321 Quartz - r23-release Recount - v3.3g release SatrinaBuffFrame - 3.1.20 SharedMedia - 3.0.1 - r177 SharedMedia-Blizzard - 1.3.1 Sheep Watch Continued - 30016
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  • _ForgeUser152718 posted a comment Dec 26, 2009

    I'll help by adding info to this. With 3.3g, recount displays no data. Also the blizzard combat log is empty, and my scrolling text mod doesn't work either. 3.3f works just fine, thought.

  • _ForgeUser57836 posted a comment Dec 26, 2009

    This is a blizzard bug with the combat log stopping randomly. Recount has no way to bypass or fix it. This will affect the default combat log and all addons depending on it working. Only known fix is to drop back to the login screen and restart.

  • _ForgeUser57836 edited title Dec 26, 2009
  • _ForgeUser57836 posted a comment Dec 26, 2009

    Changed title to be more descriptive. This really should be closed as invalid. I'll keep it open for extra visibility for a while. This is not a Recount bug.

  • _ForgeUser152718 posted a comment Dec 26, 2009

    Ok, that's helpful thank you.

  • _ForgeUser68716 posted a comment Dec 28, 2009


    I just tested a fix proposed on the official WoW-Forums, and it worked.

    The fix is: For the affected character, delete the file 'chat-cache.txt'.

    The file is located in 'WTF\Account\<account name>\<realm name>\<character name>'

    The official post can be found here:

    I just posted this to help other affected users of recount ;)

    cu tay

  • _ForgeUser57836 posted a comment Dec 28, 2009

    This solution is for a separate issue. Even if you delete the chat cash it can happen that the combat log stops working while the chat actually stays active. Again, the only known solution I know off is to drop down to character login. This issue is not related to chat-cache.txt as best I know.

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