It looks like the combat log range change (to 50 yards) is affecting damage meters #1144

  • modsforall created this issue Nov 22, 2019

    Given this change, is there a plan to modify Recount to share data between users so that you can get a more accurate picture? 

  • CyberQuack posted a comment Nov 22, 2019

    Posted a reddit screen below, but yes this is now a much less useful addon. I vaguely remember recount / meters having this problem in vanilla. I don't recall if communication between addons was allowed back then or not. This should be possible to fix.



  • joebae posted a comment Jan 5, 2020

    Checked it up against the complete damage logfile, Recount is so inaccurate that I can't recommend anyone to use it in it's curent state.
    It's not only the range but also the amount of DPS it shows for each player.
    In comparison, Details is pretty close to the combatlog.

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