(New User): /recount show & /recount resetpos *NOT* working in Classic WoW #1136

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  • ThatWhichBeholds created this issue Aug 29, 2019

    I am a new user of the Recount addon, but not of WoW addons.

    What did I do?

    a) installed the addon into the Interface/AddOns folder

    b) logged into Classic WoW

    c) didn't see any recount window, options window, or dialog/notification window of any sort

    d) read the full description on the Recount curseforge page

    e) executed the /recount show command

    f) didn't see anything

    g) executed the /recount resetpos

    h) didn't see anything

    i) re-executed the /recount show command (just in case it was previously hidden by a faulty position)

    j) searched (manually & windows explorer search) the Recount directory for a WTF folder

    k) found nothing

    l) submitted this ticket

    The addon, from the images on the curseforge site, looks amazing. I only wish I could make use of it in Classic WoW =(


    Please update :)

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  • Resike posted a comment Sep 25, 2019

    Any chance you installed the -nolib version?

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