Mark of the Distant Army not recorded #1122

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  • coreypw7 created this issue Feb 22, 2019

    I have Mark of the Distant Army enchanted on the heirloom neck piece I gave to my Shaman that is currently level 52 to use in enhancement Spec. I see the graphic for it proc when I am fighting and I'm fairly sure I can see its damage counter on my floating combat text ( sometimes theres too much text to make it out individually but I am still fairly sure I see which one is my neck proc ). When I am using Mark of the the Ancient Priestess in Resto and Mark of the Satyr ( fairly sure thats what its called, could be wrong ), the ranged dps and healer neck enchants, I can see them proc and they are recorded by recount but for some reason Mark of the Distant Army doesn't. Plz let me know if there is any possible fix to this, thank you.

  • coreypw7 added the tags Defect Enhancement Feb 22, 2019

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