Recount bug- "No One" #1081

  • _ForgeUser28298287 created this issue Mar 22, 2017

    Over the weekend, I noticed an apparent bug in recount. In dungeons, the words "No One" can appear as a 6th damage doing character in one or all fights. It can also appear as the name of an additional fight with no participants. Resetting the data does not seem to work, as I've had this issue in at least three dungeons now. Uninstalling and reinstalling the addon also doesn't seem to work. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • Resike posted a comment Jul 9, 2017

    It's a Blizzard issue, they added a spell with not proper sourceName or sourceGUID, however the damage still comes from a party member so it's visible, just unable to check who casted the spell.

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