Odd Freezing Issue When Hearthing to Garrison #1074

  • _ForgeUser22308736 created this issue Dec 21, 2016

    I have no idea as to why this is happening, but for some reason whenever I hearth to my WoD Garrison the game freezes on the loading screen. The progress bar appears full, and the generic ambient sound loop plays, but the game is otherwise unresponsive and, when you try to close it using the Task Manager, is shown as "not responding", thus required a forced close of the game.


    I've tested this quite extensively with other addons, and the only culprit could either be A) a problem with Recount/my computer in reacting to Recount, or B) some sort of error with Recount and Deadly Boss Mods. I've tried hearthing to my Garrison while having DBM installed, but not recount, in the past and had no issues, so I don't believe DBM itself is the problem. The most recent occurrence of this freezing issue happened while DBM and Recount were the only addons installed.


    This really is a shame as I do like Recount and find it a very handy tool for things like raids and whatnot. I also cannot for the life of my understand what exactly is happening here, but this has repeated even after a full clear of my addons and fresh installs of said addons.

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