DTPS Realtime Enhancement #1054

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  • _ForgeUser7320338 created this issue Sep 27, 2016

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    Having a clone of the DTPS realtime graph specific to the user that splits damage sources into physical and magic would be a huge boon to Tanks. With the current state of active mitigation being a constant factor, having a realtime graph showing the amount of each damage I am taking allows me to decide better which active mitigation to invest my resource in.

    I imagine it probably being a stacked realtime graph (similar to the main chart showed on the curse homepage) with a red portion for physical damage and a purple portion for magic damage.

    I looked through the code base a little and although I don't feel comfortable enough with it to make the change myself, it looked like you already recorded damage type, so a filter to magic and physical hopefully isn't too hard.

    If you need testers for this, please let me know

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