Recount - Does it work with Mob Scaling? #1026

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  • _ForgeUser3909522 created this issue May 15, 2016

    Here is the question I have about Damage meters in Legion.

    (Not Actual Numbers)

    If I'm in an instance as a level 100, and there is a level 105 character in the instance as well, we both see different Health Pools for the same mob. If the 105 does 50k dps and I also do 50k dps, am I technically doing more damage? ... are the meters accounting for this?

    Example HP for target mob (my level 100) 500k
    Example HP for target mob (his level 105) 1200k

    He would need to hit around 120k dps in order to have the same % health removed from the mob as my 50k.

    Anyone know if this is being handled yet? I don't see anything on the forums anywhere else.

    It wont matter at max lvl though

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