Feature Request: Gear Normalized Damage #1009

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  • _ForgeUser3130512 created this issue Jun 1, 2015

    Greetings Recount development team, thank you for this excellent addon.  I have been using it for years.  One feature that I think would be fun would be to provide a gear normalized damage tab.

    It would be identical to the regular DPS list tab but the numbers would just be theoretical showing an expected value if that group member's gear were equivalent to the group's median gear level.

    Obviously getting the scaling values would be tricky but need not be precise.  For instance SimulationCraft has an SV Hunter's theoretical DPS increasing 40% from iLvl 670 to 700 gear.

    For instance if in an encounter, the group's avg ilvl is 670 and the ultra geared iLvl 700 hunter in the group did 40k damage, Recount's Gear Normalized DPS would be 28.57k.

    Happy to help flesh out the idea some more.  I think a simple table of iLvl to increase in DPS would be sufficient but it could get as granular as class or even spec specific.

    This would give a more fair benchmark for evaluating casuals' playing ability even though their gear may lag a bit.

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