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Supported WoW Versions

  • 2.4.0


New version for 2.4 and the new combat log. Have fun. The 2.4 version not only includes the new combat log but also new features. Including:

  • ) Improved unit and pet handling: Now handles multiple pets and totems. You can page through multiple pets in the details window by clicking on the pet box. It will now correctly attribute pets and totems. Greater Elementals do require syncing and will only work seemlessly if the shaman in question uses Recount.
  • ) Total bar: Allows you to display total of all shown combatants. Toggle in config window.
  • ) Overall code improvements: Updated to Ace3 for lower memory use. Removed unneeded libraries (Babble-Libs, roster, parser) and wrote slim replacements if needed.
  • ) Saved variable improvements: All variables that can be modified by the user are based on profile for flexibility.
  • ) Lazy syncing: Very light-weight sync code that only syncs out of combat and when needed.
  • ) Zone dependent data collection. See config window.

Currently Recount no longer contains inherent Threat-2.0 support. I'm writing an optional module currently.

Bug reports and feedback very welcome!