Wrong dodge from agility conversion for bears #306

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  • xenor77 created this issue Mar 6, 2014


    I've been using RatingBuster for years and something has been bothering me this entire expansion though i didn't get around to reporting until now :)

    There is clearly something wrong with the stat breakdown for dodge from agility for Guardian Druids. The tooltip will say for instance +2,290 Agility(+1.82% Crit, +19.79% Dodge, +2290.0 Heal) or from a high agility trinket proc. Chance to grant you 14,303 Agility (+11.36% Crit, +141.20% Dodge, +14303.0 Heal)

    Now i wish i would get that amount of dodge from agility, but the reality is that i do not :)


    Seems the problem lies in LibStatLogic which has the following for Dodge per point of Agility:
    1/299.25,    --"DRUID" 11  *l85 Mists Valuse

    Believe the correct value is 951.158596 Agility per 1% dodge (at level 90)

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