incorrect conversion of expertise to spellhit? #290

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  • Corwin_MacGregor created this issue Apr 26, 2013

    using Alpha build r396 in patch 5.2, when comparing unaltered Deadwalker Bracers (itemID 82825) with ones where the crit is reforged to expertise, the unreforged ones say it is better than the reforged ones by approx +0.20%, but spell hit line in the stats summary does not indicate the loss in spell hit from losing the reforged expertise.  Not sure if this is a RatingBuster issue, or a LibStat issue, but this might be affecting other areas of either.  I've never been able to untangle the two codes well enough to determine where this issue is occurring, sadly.

  • Corwin_MacGregor added the tags New Defect Apr 26, 2013
  • mcremor posted a comment Apr 27, 2013

    As far as I know the expertise to spellhit conversion was never implemented in LibStatLogic/RatingBuster, so that would explain it :)

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