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Supported WoW Versions

  • 2.4.0


1.3.5 (Will work with 2.3.3 and 2.4PTR)

  • NEW: Default gems for empty sockets! Set the gems to use for each socket using /rb sum gem
  • In 2.4.0: Spirit-Based Mana Regeneration: This system has been adjusted so that as your intellect rises, you will regenerate more mana per point of spirit.
  • Fixed: Will now work with [Insightful Earthstorm Diamond]
  • Fixed: Profiles should now work
  • Changed: Use "/rb win" to open the options window instead of "/rb optionswin"

Auto fill gems in empty sockets

  1. You can set the default gems for each type of empty socket using "/rb sum gem <red|yellow|blue|meta> <ItemID|Link>" or using the options window.
  2. To specify the gem of your choice, you will need to give RatingBuster the ItemLink or the ItemID of the gem.
  3. ItemLink example: type "/rb sum gem blue " (last char is a space) and link the gem (from your bags, AH, ItemSync or whatever), then press <enter>.
  4. What if you can't link the gem? Well thats what ItemID is for. Find your gem on http://www.wowhead.com/ and look at the URL, for example "http://www.wowhead.com/?item=32193", 32193 is the ItemID for that gem. Go back in wow, type "/rb sum gem red 32193" and press <enter>.

Note1: If you have "/rb sum ignore gem" on, the auto fill gems won't work.
Note2: Meta gem conditions and SetBonuses work, so if you don't meet the conditions, StatSummary won't count them.
Note3: RatingBuster will only auto fill empty sockets, if the item already has some gems on it, it will remain.
Note4: Empty sockets filled by RatingBuster will keep the "Empty Socket Icon" so you can still easily tell what color socket it is.
Note5: Gem text filled by RatingBuster will be shown in gray color to differentiate from real gems.