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  • 2.0.12


1.1.0 - NEW: Stat Summary - Display the sum of stats of the item and/or the stat difference of the item and your equipped items - Choose the stats you really care about to be show in the summary. - Composite stats are broken down and added into base stats, and supports talant/buff mods, Ex: "Spell Crit Chance" is calculated from "Spell Crit Rating" and "Intellect" - Option discriptions now show class names for class specific stat conversions - Added support for Aspect of the Viper - Option to hide rating conversions - Option to hide all base stat conversions - Option to further breakdown Defense into Crit Avoidance, Hit Avoidance, Dodge, Parry and Block - Option to further breakdown Weapon Skills into Crit, Hit, Dodge Neglect, Parry Neglect, Block Neglect - Fixed Taiwan and French localization errors - Fixed locale registering twice error - Fixed mp5 and hp5 calculations for Shaman, Druid, Mage, Warlock