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  • is not ignored anymore.
  • is now ignored.
  • |cffffff00Click|r to toggle bar visibility
  • |cffffff00Right-click|r to toggle locked state and anchor
  • |cffffff00Shift-right-click|r to open the options menu
  • About
  • Alpha
  • Alpha on hover
  • Always show a item even if it is not a quest item.
  • Always show item
  • Auto KeyBind Settings
  • Automatically bind a key to the last used item.
  • Bar Style & Layout
  • Clockwise
  • Configure the alpha of the bar when mouse is over.
  • Configure the alpha of the bar.
  • Configure the direction of the buttons from the anchor.
  • Configure the out of range color of the buttons.
  • Configure the padding of the buttons.
  • Configure the scale of the bar.
  • Counterclockwise
  • Direction
  • Down
  • Hide bar
  • Hide bar.
  • Ignore a item and it will not be shown.
  • Ignore item
  • Ignore/always show items
  • Ignored items:
  • Items per row/column
  • Key
  • Key to use for automatic key binding.
  • Left
  • List ignored items
  • List items always shown
  • Lock bar
  • Lock bar and hide anchor.
  • New row/column direction
  • Number of items before a new row/column is created. 0 = No limit.
  • Open config UI
  • Open the blizzard configuration UI.
  • Out of range color
  • Padding
  • Profile
  • qib
  • Quest
  • Quest not found for this item.
  • QuestItemBar
  • Right
  • Scale
  • Set the direction of new created row/column (Clockwise/Counterclockwise)
  • Show only usable items
  • Show only usable items and hide all other quest items.
  • The value passed have to be a itemString, itemName or itemLink. Example: /qib ignoreItem Hearthstone
  • Up
  • Use auto key binding

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