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  • Allows easy identification of daily/weekly quests, as well as raid and dungeon quests.
  • Always show objective percentage values on progress bars
  • Behavior Configuration
  • Configure the sounds you want to hear with the toggles below.
  • Difficulty Coloring
  • Enable the coloring of quests according to their difficulty in NPC and Item tooltips.
  • Enable the coloring of quests according to their difficulty in the quest tracker.
  • Enable the coloring of quests according to their difficulty on NPC Gossip frames.
  • Gossip frames
  • Highlight most valuable reward
  • Highlight the reward with the highest vendor value when completing a quest.
  • Instead of 2/8, show 6
  • Job's Done!
  • Lock the Objective Tracker in place
  • More Work?!
  • Note: Changing this option may require your UI to be reloaded to take full effect.
  • Only show number of objective items remaining
  • Peasant
  • Peon
  • Progress Output
  • Quest Tracker
  • Remove numbers from single task objectives
  • Reset Position
  • Reset the position of the Objective Tracker to the default.
  • Select the set of sounds to use.
  • Show Quest Level
  • Show Quest Tag Icons in the Objective Tracker
  • Sound Configuration
  • Sound Set
  • Toggle if completing a quest should automatically remove it from the tracker.
  • Toggle if quest levels are shown in various parts of the UI.
  • Toggle playing the 'Job's Done!' sound after completing a quest.
  • Toggle playing the 'More Work?!' sound after completing an objective.
  • Toggling this option may require a UI reload to fully take effect.
  • Tooltips
  • Unlock Quest Tracker position
  • Unlock the position of the Objective Tracker, allowing it to be moved by clicking and dragging its header.
  • Un-track complete quests
  • You can select where you want progress messages displayed using the options below.
  • You can unlock it again in the options

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