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    Jun 18, 2009
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.1.0


John Pasula:
    Fix the safequerying command.
    Add debug which prints the item ID out in case of disconnect (will be removed once we're stable)
    Compress new reps.
    Add wrath reps to auto scan.
    Add in original wow rep items.
    Change the safequery to use getiteminfo to see if we need to load the TT.
    Compress rep table
    Fix local error and make safequery more robust.
    Forgot to add local.xml
    Make something localized. W00t
    Fix autodoc typo.
    Start the api stuff.
    Add localization support.
    Make the no-embedded version work better with no-lib-strip.
    Update .toc
    Update .pkgmeta
    Update main page.
    Remove some unneeded flags.
    Add /safequery as a slash command for the new function.
    Add a function called SafeQuery which will load all safe items into your cache. Safe items currently are defined as items availible off of reputation vendors.  We have all of the BC ones right now.