Font outline #368

  • blocap created this issue Sep 21, 2021

    Yo can you add these for next update? If I select 'Solid' texture it is pretty hard to see the font without any outline/shadow etc. Please consider adding! Thank u man.

  • Aur0r491 posted a comment May 26, 2022

    You can add OUTLINE via Lua-Edit:


    in CastBarTemplate.lua

    search for

    self.TimeText:SetFont(media:Fetch("font", db.font), db.timefontsize)

    and change it to 

    self.TimeText:SetFont(media:Fetch("font", db.font), db.timefontsize, "OUTLINE")


    and also search for

    self.Text:SetFont(media:Fetch("font", db.font), db.fontsize)

    and change it to

    self.Text:SetFont(media:Fetch("font", db.font), db.fontsize, "OUTLINE")


    But yes I also think that this should be a feature in the GUI, maybe the author can add it in the future.

  • Aur0r491 posted a comment May 26, 2022

    also nice to have:

    Changing framestrata and text alignment in the GUI :)

  • blocap posted a comment May 26, 2022

     i know u are not the author but help me add outline to buffs debuffs section :P

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