Swing timer not resetting properly after Slam use #361

  • Raiden27 created this issue Jul 10, 2021

    Symptom : 

    Swing timer stops at current swing time during "Slam" use, and resumes after it.
    Swing timer not reset to 0 after warrior "Slam" use

    Expected :

    Swing timer stopping during cast (why not) but Swing timer reset to 0 after warrior "Slam" use

    Explanation :
    warrior "Slam" counts as an auto attack and should reset the swing timer to 0 (the same as after an auto-attack)

  • Raiden27 posted a comment Jul 10, 2021

    Tested with All addons but quartz desactivated.
    using Improved Slam 2/2

  • ado7e posted a comment Feb 12, 2022

    the issue is still up and makes Quartz useless for Arms warriors. Please fix it :)


    as mentioned above - slam resets the autoswing timer.

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