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tag 3.0.1-beta
Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes@gmail.com>
2010-02-16 14:49:01 +0100

Tag as 3.0.1-beta


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Small cleanups.
    - Added a mirror bar for ready checks in LFD/Party and Raid.
    - Fix a string-error in the buff module.
    - Removed InFlight from the optional deps, too.
    - Properly format times greater then 60 seconds.
    - Upvalue cleanup
    - Fix moving of the cast bars.
    - Fix parsing of empty spell ranks.
    - Completly disable InFlight support for the time being, as the author hides the relevant data in upvalues/locals.
    - Some cleanup in various modules.
    - Fix defaults of the pet module to actually inherit from the template.
    - Added the new file to the babelfish script.
    - Fix a copy/paste error in the pet module.
    - Obey the hide blizz option in the player module even when its turned off.
    - Ported the Pet Module
    - Fixed some minor flaws in the template and modules.
    - Fixed various modules to work in conjunction with the new cast bars.
    - Ported the Focus module to the template.
    - Fixed a few glitches in the Target module
    - Added a seperate SetConfig API so bars can get a new config table without forcing a refresh (disabled bars).
    - Ported the Target module to the new template.
    - Added a PreShowCondition hook that allows modules to filter the display of castbars.
    - Re-implemented support for un-interruptible cast bars.
    - Disable currently broken modules
    - Only register _SENT for the player and vehicle unit.
    - Fixed Latency module
    - Re-implemented the channeling ticks with the template.
    - Moved defaults into the template.
    - Moved config options into the template.
    - Started refactoring of cast bars (player, target, pet, focus) into one template that all modules can use, instead of endless code duplication. Mostly works already for the player module, next up is moving defaults and config table as well.
    - Only show the Shield when the spell icon is not hidden.

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