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2010-10-16  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

[65f85b4bb728] [tip]
* Core.lua

If there is no vendor price, it needs to be 0 so it can be passed to max()

2010-10-14  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

* Core.lua

Ticket 2: Added vendor price as one of the minimums for thresholds.

* QAAPI.lua

Ticket 3: It appears that APM removed QAAPI. This should fix it.

2010-10-13  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

* Core.lua QAManager.toc

Implemented the option to use the GetAuctionBuyout API.

* QAManager.toc

Updated TOC so it isn't considered out of date.

* Core.lua QAAPI.lua QAManager.toc

Updated QAM to work with QuickAuctions, ZeroAuctions, or AuctionProfitMaster. AuctionProfitMaster has not been tested as it is not the QA3 fork I use.

2010-10-02  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

* Core.lua QAAPI.lua

Fixed the IA_COST_CHANGED event. Now it actually updates the threshold and fallback when prices change. I also introduced a new API method to create a group, add and item and set the threshold and fallback.

2010-09-04  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

* QAAPI.lua QAManager.toc

Moved my extensions to QA3's API into QAManager. This will allow users to run the release version of QuickAuctions.

2010-09-02  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

* Core.lua

Removed some debugging code

* Core.lua

Removed some debugging code

2010-09-01  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

* .pkgmeta:

Fixing the packaging. It should be QAManager not qa-manager

* .pkgmeta:

Fixing .pkgmeta?

* .pkgmeta:

Fixing .pkgmeta?

* .hgignore, .pkgmeta, Core.lua QAManager.toc embeds.xml

Initial version with support for thresholds from ItemAuditor costs and fallbacks using Auctioneer market price.